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Capturing the Unseen Wonders

Embark on a visual journey with Nikos Daskalo, a Greek-British adventurer passionate about revealing hidden marvels worldwide. With expertise in nutrition and personal training, Nikos seamlessly combines his profession with a remarkable talent for capturing breathtaking vistas from above.

From Nutritionist to Aerial Maestro

With over 15 years dedicated to nutrition and personal training, Nikos intertwined his passion for exploration with his career. For 8 years, he traveled intensively around he world, documenting his adventures meticulously with a drone. In 2023, he delved into full time video editing to share his compelling content.

The Aerial Storyteller

Nikos isn't just a traveler he's a seasoned drone enthusiast with 5000 flights and 10,000 sky hours. His aerial expertise unveils hidden landscapes, offering a unique perspective in storytelling. Each photograph isn't just a moment but a captivating story waiting to be told.